Month: July 2007

Nice bit of Graf off Redchurch St

Carlsberg don’t do litter

Carlsberg dropped £5,000 worth of tenners all over London with stickers on em. It’s got a lot of buzz so far but I think it’s only just starting to pick up pace

Stevie wonder playing the talk box

Stevie Wonder shows his incredible musical ability years before anyone had thought of doing this kind of thing. It sounds awesome..

Taking art to the street

This is a very clever promotional campaign for the National Gallery. I saw one of the paintings for the first time about a month ago in Soho and in my drunken state obviously wanted to steal it and take it home. Luckily they’d thought of oiks like me and secured the paintings with a hefty

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Philipino Jail training…

All jails should be like this. Seriously

Make em pay

I’m the worlds worst culprit for getting charged by banks for stupid stuff. I heard recently that the law had changed which made it unlawful for banks to charge their ridiculous fees for being overdrawn or issueing rubber cheques which perked my ears up a bit. Anyway I got sent this link which is essentially

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Smart Guerilla ad for Miele

Tom Green and Xzibit break it down

Tom Green, TV personality, comedia, radio presenter and now rapper extraordinaire. He got skillz!

Guerilla advertising for the new Simpsons movie…

“Local pagans aren’t amused” Ha ha

The BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles

I came across this article being talked about in this months campaign magazine. It’s says a lot of smart things in a small amount of words and would be a good manuscript to stick to if you were embarking on a web project.

Sweet new pair of headphones

I’ve got a new pair of headphones.  They’re Panasonic RP-HTX7E-C and they cost about £40. I like them for the styling more than anything but the sound quality is impressive too considering the price. They won some award too… Group Test Winner, ” Sound quality is excellent…it’s like Hi-Def for your ears. “, T3, March

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The Little People

I love this artwork. Prints are available to buy and cost about £150.

Angus and Julia Stone

  Went to a gig at Soho Revue Bar last week to see a band called Angus and Julia Stone. They’re a brother and sister outfit from Australia and it was an amazing gig. She’s a cross between Joanna Newsom and he’s a cross between Ray LaMontagne and Jose Gonzalez. Their website has a lot

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John McEnroe

I always liked John McEnroe. I read his autobiography a while back and was amazed by firstly how interesting his writing was but also how much he achieved by the time he got to his mid 20’s. I found this article by Clive James yesterday which perfectly sums up his ability as a sportsman and

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Incredible ad

I’m not going to spoil this ad for you but needless to say I’m a big fan. It’s well put together, superbly casted, supported by great copywriting and music and it’s impact in enhanced by the unexpected ending. This is the kind of work I strive to produce. Create something of this calibre and I’d

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