Month: August 2007

New Cadburys commercial

Produced by Fallon, simple and random idea but very amusing…. Interesting tone of voice they’ve taken towards it too… “Well it just seemed like the right thing to do. There’s no clever science behind it – it’s just an effort to make you smile, in exactly the same way Cadbury Dairy Milk does. And that’s

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Things to do in London

I really like these posters done by the London based agency RKCR Y&R which illustrate all the things you can do in different areas of London. There’s a whole collection, this ones all about Camden…

Recycling in Notting Hill..

I was being rather skeptical the other night about the effort I was putting into recycling the rubbish in my house. My initial thoughts were that there couldn’t be a machine that could filter the paper, plastic, glass and metal when they were all combined in the bags that I had put them in and

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Danger Mouse

For those who don’t know Danger Mouse aka Producer Brian Burton here’s an interesting article on him. He came to fame by mixing the Beatles white album with Jay Z’s Black Album to create the Grey Album. If you can get hold of a copy of it, do so, as it’s genius. Here’s the man

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Sky/Sao Paulo Ad

Following on from my post about the ban on billboard advertising in Sao Paulo here’s a new ad from Sky which uses the city to demonstrate it’s lack of adverts when you watch movies on sky, even has a charlie and the chocolate factory soundtrack….

Rap impersonator…

This guy impersonates the whole rap gang one after another live on the radio. It’s awesome

Gorillaz Figures…

¬†Got the set of Gorillaz figures off Magma last week. Now I’ve got my own rock band on my desk…. Had a play around with some Photoshop effects to make the this version of it.

Daft Punks Burning Man

I went to see Daft Punk play about a month ago and was blown away so ever since have been much more of a fan that I was before. I found this video over on Hi-Res blog which captivated me….

Claude Lelouch’s Rendezvous

This is another old but incredible video. It’s an 8 minute clip of the ex-racing driver Claude Lelouch racing around in a Ferrari 328 GT Paris at 4 in the morning with a camera strapped to the bonnet. Watch in awe and wait for the suprise ending. Legend has it he asked the Paris council

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Explosions in the Sky

If I was to say I’m a fan of instrumental rock you might think I was a bit of a weirdo but listen to this band and decide for yourself. They’re called Explosions in the Sky, they’re from Texas and they’re music tells a story without any words. I saw them play at Koko and

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Cereal killer wanted in Shoreditch

Sao Paulo – A city without advertising

This story amazed me. Through the determination of it’s mayor Gilberto Kassab, Sao Paulo has an almost complete ban on outdoor advertising.

Loving this

Mr Doherty

Saw this amusing tag on the street round Shoreditch way this morning…

Digg design

I use digg every day and think it’s great. Here’s a nice piece from their labs section. Not sure I understand what all the swirly bits are about but i like the design…