Recycling in Notting Hill..

I was being rather skeptical the other night about the effort I was putting into recycling the rubbish in my house. My initial thoughts were that there couldn’t be a machine that could filter the paper, plastic, glass and metal when they were all combined in the bags that I had put them in and that somewhere along the line my rubbish would get put onto a ship and exported out to a poorer country who was prepared to hide my rubbish away for a small fee.

It turns out I was wrong.

A company called Grosvenor Waste Management has a machine called a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) which does sort this stuff and if their claims are to be believed, diverts 400,000 tonnes from landfill sites. While that’s great the other stat they had on their website was the total amount of UK waste that goes into landfills each year. That figure is 22 million tonnes.

I’m not one to rant about the environment but having learned this I’m now committed to recycling as much as I can.


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