Month: August 2007

Mother Nature

Lions v buffalo v crocodile Advertisements

Jay Z Poster

I bought one of these Airside Jay Z prints the other day. Love the design Still waiting for it to arrive though

New building on Bateman’s Row E2

Not sure if I like it yet but I do like the adventurousness of the architecture

Second piece of graf round Shoreditch

Looks like it’s from the same guys as did the previous Vandalism piece of graf I posted. I like their style.

New Chemical Brothers video…

Chemical brothers are responsible for one of my favourite music videos which is Star Guitar. That’s below but here’s their new one about rapping, dancing and talking fish. Pretty cool if you like that sort of thing.. The Salmon Dance… Star Guitar….

Web 2.0

This one is a bit old but it impressed me alot. It’s a great way of explaining what people mean by Web 2.0 and the potential it has…

Did you know…

Thought provoking presentation about where the internet has been and where it is going, even has a soothing soundtrack…

Home made jam

My mate Emma at Poke made me some home made raspberry jam last week.  Needless to say, it’s delicious. Check out her food blog over at Rubadubdub.

Broad Shoulders

Bit old this one but worth talking about. The brief was to create “a brand experience targeted to young people within a big music festival context” for the Portugese mobile phone company called Optimus. The solution they came up with was dead simple but created huge amounts of word of mouth advertising. Basically ten big

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Cayenne gets a facelift

  Much has been said about the Porsche Cayennes looks, mostly about how damn ugly it is. Personally, as long as it’s a high end model and has big wheels on it, I think it’s the best looking 4×4 out there.  Here’s the new body kit from TechArt  for one.

Amusing poster

Found this over on Cookies blog Nice artwork by a dude called Adrian Johnson