Month: September 2007

Englands best restaurants

Here’s the current top 40 restaurants in England, I’m going to make it one of my New Years Resoultions to visit at least 5 of them next year… 1 The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire (9) 2 Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road, London (9) 3 Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Great Milton, Oxfordshire (9) 4 Winteringham Fields,

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I love Al Murphy

You can find more of his artwork here.

Fighter Jet New Lambo Reventon

New Mini

Here’s the new Mini Clubman Cooper S just launched at the  Frankfurt Motor Show. Liking the suicide doors.

Word to the wise…

  I didn’t know this but apparently building societys can go bankrupt like any other businesses which is currently happening to the Northern Rock.  Apparently if they do fold, those with more than £50,000 or more in their  account will receive a maximum of £31,700 in compensation! They don’t tell you that when you sign

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A quote from Marlon Brando..

Taken from Great Interviews of the 2oth Century… “Do you know how I make a friend? I go about it very gently. I circle around and around. Then, gradually, I come nearer. Then I reach out and touch them, ah, so gently… Then, I draw back. Wait a while. Make them wonder. At just the

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Following on from the Vandalism and Scarey graffiti posts, the artist who does them is called Eine and he’s got a show on in London at the moment – Eine – Vandal runs until 15 September at Kemistry Gallery, 43 Charlotte Street, London EC2A 3PD

Guy Richie is in for a treat…

Madonna, 49, was spotted leaving the Claridges hotel with husband Guy Richie in tow. Madonna was carrying a see-through bag with a strap-on sex toy, and although she didn’t seem embarrassed by it, Richie looked a little awkward according to eye-witnesses.

Finding Steve Fawcett

This is a great use of technology to try and find the aviator  Steve Fawcett who went missing in his plane last week. Over 50,000 people have analysed satelittle images to try and find out where he crashed. 10 people study each image and flag anything they think is suspicious. The more people that flag

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Miniature Earth

Interesting model of the earth using a village of 100 people  as a way to visualise how the population is divided up

You shall be missed – Pavarotti live in Paris 1998

Nice bus advertisment

It’s no secret…

Everyone in London hates the tube, there’s no suprise there so I’m not going to go off on a rant but I have to say this tube strike is a total joke and it’s unbelievable it can’t be avoided. I’m fortunate enough to not get the tube to work but I can imagine that the

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