Month: October 2007

Gene Tree

I read about the Gene Tree in the Sunday Times and thought the idea was incredible. You send in a sample of hair or something and, for a small fee, they extract your DNA. They can then use this info to work out exactly where in the world you’ve come from and who you are

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On the news last night

I was watching the news last night and the story was all about this photographer who was taking profile pictures of all the kids in a school class Not interesting in itself but the photographer decided to line up all the kids in order of skin colour s Initially I was shocked and I thought

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Rabbit in your headlights

Incredible video from UNKLE, old but classic..

Darth Vader as you’ve never seen him

I aint no Star Wars geek but this is absolute genius…

Quentin Tarantino on Top Gun

VW Camper Van

I’ve always wanted a camper van and I’ve told myself that next year I’m buying one. This is basically my dream car. I couldn’t imagine anything better than setting off around the world in one of these. If you’ve got one that you want to sell then let me know. Otherwise I’m going to get

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Sustainable energy – British Gas Zero Carbon

I’m getting quite interested in the whole carbon neutral issue and following on from my G Wiz post I decided to do a bit of investigation into how someone such as myself could switch my energy supplier to a “Green Tariff”. I decided to use British Gas as a test subject as they’re the biggest

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Next generation G Wiz

I’m liking this blog stuff, from doing a bit of investigation into the G Wiz I came across this… It’s the Reva NXG and it’s the G Wiz’s better looking gay brother who has discoverd the joys of the gym. I want one.

The G Wiz

I’ve been pondering about the G Wzz. I know I certainly don’t like how it looks and my opinions have been slightly skewed by Mr Clarksons hatred for the vehicle but I decided to do a bit of research for myself so I can make up my own mind. So here’s what I think… People

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Beatiful Boat made of water..

Panda sneeze

This has been around before but it’s worth sending around again…

The correct way for an Ozzie to address an Englishman

Made me chuckle

Stuart Haygarth

I went to see Stuarts work at a design show near Brick Lane last year and really liked his chandeliers. Impressively they gave off a nice light to boot.

New Banksy off Old St Roundabout

This is where the Pulp Fiction Banana used to be…

Smashed up police car

I’ve always thought Police drivers drive to fast in populated areas and I’m not one to be a granny about driving fast.