Sustainable energy – British Gas Zero Carbon

I’m getting quite interested in the whole carbon neutral issue and following on from my G Wiz post I decided to do a bit of investigation into how someone such as myself could switch my energy supplier to a “Green Tariff”.

I decided to use British Gas as a test subject as they’re the biggest supplier in the UK. So here goes.

Their greenest energy tariff is called Zero Carbon. Here’s what they claim….

– We will match all the electricity you use with electricity from renewable sources so you have no carbon footprint
– We will offset 100% of the carbon emissions from the gas and electricity we supply to you so you’ll have a zero carbon footprint from the energy from British Gas.

So what’s the catch?

As far as I can see the only disadvantage is that the average customer will pay an approximate additional £6.97 per month inc VAT  on top of the standard energy prices.

So without being too cynical it sounds like British Gas are being quite proactive in trying to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately the decision lies with the consumer.

I’m not even sure who supplies my energy but I for one am going to check and if it’s British Gas then I’m the newest subscriber to Zero Carbon

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