The G Wiz

I’ve been pondering about the G Wzz. I know I certainly don’t like how it looks and my opinions have been slightly skewed by Mr Clarksons hatred for the vehicle but I decided to do a bit of research for myself so I can make up my own mind. So here’s what I think…

  • People say its can’t go on motorways so what’s the point. Fair enough but it wasn’t designed for that. It’s designed to be an inner city runabout going small distances.
  • People say its slow. It is but so is traffic in London. The times when people need to go above 30mph in the city are few and far between unless, like me, you’re on two wheels
  • People say it isn’t safe – officially it’s defined as a quad so doesn’t have to pass the full car safety tests. While it’s legal, it isn’t sensible as ultimately it can come up against a Range Rover and it’d be squished.
  • People say that ultimately it still uses power made by a power station so what’s the point. This is true but if you’re getting a G Wiz I assume you’d go the whole hog and switch to a power supplier that uses sustainable resources (see my next post for more about that)
  • Free parking and no congestion charge – That’s good. No arguing about that.
  • For £200 a year you can use all of Westminsters car parks where you can plug it in for free. Also good but ultimately if everyone decided to get one then there would fast become a shortage of charging spaces
  • Where would I charge it – this is the big issue and ultimately going to stall the whole conversion. You need off street parking at home and somewhere close to work where you can plug it in. There’s no getting around this one so if this doesn’t work for you then the car won’t either.

So, having given it a bit of thought my views of the G Wiz are definitely improved. I think to jump start their drive to success they need to do two things….

  1. Firstly employ an established car designer such Nicolas Hayek (designer of the smart car and CEO of Swatch) or Carozzeria Pininfarina who have designed many beautiful cars to make the thing look pretty. There’s no denying that it’s currently one of the ugliest cars on the road at the moment.
  2. Get the energy companies and local councils talking to each other. Every parking meter should have a electricity socket for people to plug into. All garages should have them too.

If those two things happened then I would seriously consider switching over.

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