Month: November 2007

Google maps/Starbucks finder mashup

Looks like London has got a nasty case of the measles. Sounds about right in this case.

Google maps and travel planner mashup

I like this mashup of Google Maps and London Transport. It doesn’t work that well admittedly as I wanted to see my tube route plotted on the map and couldn’t be bothered to figure it out but I liked the geographical presentation of the tube map in comparison to the one everyone is so familiar

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Facebook is going down

The Paper Boat and Plane have arrived!

They’re down in Gabriels wharf now and I’m pretty chuffed with them…

A project I’ve been working on..

I’ve been working on a project for the WWF now for a few months which culminates in a big event down at Gabriels Wharf tomorrow. It’s a noble cause for the World Wildlife Fund aimed at helping with the grand issue of Climate Change. The focus of the whole project is on two giant models

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I’ve always liked Chesterfields as a classic sofa design and on the way back from the pub last night I found a really beaten up one lying on the street. There’s a wicked uphostlery shop opposite where I work where a guy called Mike works his magic. I’m going to see how much it costs

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Rap portrayed by graphs

These are ace. There’s more here.  

Massive arcade machine…

Reminds me of the murial in my kitchen…

The view from my window

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Artic explorers get surrounded my a pack of hungry wolves…

British explorers on a polar expedition described their terror today after coming face to face with a pack of bloodstained wolves….