Month: December 2007

Great Winter Pubs

CLACHAIG INN Glencoe, Argyll This slate-roofed inn stands at the heart of the glen, with some of Scotland’s highest peaks forming the backdrop. You need a warm welcome up here, and you get it (there used to be a sign saying “Nae Campbells”, but that’s a thing of the past). The rough and ready Boots

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Pig crossbred with a sheep

Volkswagen Split Screen Pick Up

I’m after one of these. If anyone has one they’d like to sell then I’m your man.

Brick Lane Graffitti

Saw these along Brick Lane yesterday….

My mate Greg

Is currently having a photography show in Notting Hill. It’s him and his two mates and their photos are awesome….

The Glue Society

These images from the glue society are amazing. They depict scenes from the Bible as seen from Google Earth. More here….

Museum of Contemporary Art New York

Now here is a building I like…

My new Reebok Pumps

I’ve been looking for a pair of decent Reebok Pumps for almost a year now and now I’ve found the perfect pair. Check em out…