Month: January 2008

Velocity Deep V Rims

Crank brothers Egg Beaters

The 20 sought after villages to live in the UK…

I found the original article on the Times website, I’ve done a little Google Map with them all on it…. 

Voxan Cafe Racer by Philippe Starck

Whenever I’ve spoken to product designers and mentioned the name Philippe Starck they’ve always seemed to frown and look at me like I’ve insulted their grandmother. I’ve always been a fan of his work from his Aprilla motorbike to the infamous lemon squeezer and now this beautiful motorbike. He’s also done a great TED talk which you can find here if you’re

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 The British Health Foundation has recently launched a great website aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle to kids. It’s a beautifully crafted game that entertains and educates in equal measures. We’re rather jealous. Congratulations to Fingal who designed and built the site.  

A few wise words about marriage.

 “You may as well cut out the middle man, find someone you hate and give em your house” 

Mont Blanc

I’ve always been a fan of mont blanc  products and even more so now that I’ve learned they have banned anyone from selling their brand online as a way of preventing inferior quality fakes being sold. 

Faces 1

This is an idea originally conceived by a chap called Dave Birss who I briefly worked with while at Poke which I love so I’m going to copy it and start taking photos of anything I come across that mildly resembles a face.   Cheers Dave, hope you don’t mind.      

VW Camper Van Photo Group

I’ve created a group in my flickr account for all the nice VW Campers I come across. You can find it here. 

New Golf Mk1 Roof

  I got a new roof for my VW Golf Karmann yesterday as the previous one had two great big holes in it. The new one looks great and cost £300 including fitting so I thought I’d give them a plug as a small thankyou for doing such a good job. They’re called Soft Tops

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The Worlds Greatest Roads

These are the worlds greatest driving roads as decided by Top Gear. Click on the map below to go to the Google Map of where they are in Italy, France and Switzerland….. Col De Turini San Bernadino Pass Davos to Stelvio via Bormio Stelvio Pass (Passo dello Stelvio), Switzerland    

Simple super glue design

I enjoyed the packaging of this superglue I bought the other day. “I can’t be arsed to design something for people to open the glue with, any ideas?” “How about we give em a drawing pin?” “Sorted”.

Dieter Rams’ 10 principles for good design

• Good design is innovative. • Good design makes a product useful. • Good design is aesthetic. • Good design helps us to understand a product. • Good design is unobtrusive. • Good design is honest. • Good design is durable. • Good design is consequent to the last detail. • Good design is concerned

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