Month: June 2008

Our route around Snowdon – 6.86 miles

That’s not a house. This is a house.

Moo by Northern Lighting

Barbakoff Communications

Introducing Barbakoff Communications. Slight rename due to the discovery of an existing company with very similar name.

The Pelican Notting Hill

My new favourite pub in Notting Hill. Run by a very nice chap called Alistair.

The secrets of search engine marketing..

Through the medium of rap…

Shoreditch graffiti no2

This was on the other side of the gallery. Same wall as where VANDALISM used to be.

Shoreditch graffiti

Found this on the wall of a new urban art gallery in Shoreditch

Leicester Square this morning…

More Fathers Day fun…

Fathers day reward…

Best motorbiking roads in England.


Flying Squirrel Productions

My new company – Flying Squirrel Productions. Fresh out of the box today. Budget website to be updated soon.