Month: October 2008

Gilera Nexus 125

Electric thumb war

3 different challenges: 50/50, where the first person to reach 50 (by button mashing) Rebound, which is like Ping-Pong except with LED lights instead of a ball Endurance the game’s winner is determined by which idiot can hold onto the device longer as it delivers increasingly intense shocks.

Drive by Abuser

How stupid is England?

I’ve been trying to buy something recently which involves me emailing lots of people from all over the country and their spelling and grammar astounds me. This is my favourite so far… “yes thats fine ware you comeing from”

Is it just me or is Microsoft completely lost its way?

Windows XP – 7 years old Windows Vista – shite Internet Explorer 7 – slower than a donkey Hotmail – total shite – painful to use

Name that pig

German police seek speeding Muppet

How to advertise a phone…

How long would you last?

Absolute gold

Diesel: SFW XXX

John Sweeney is a legend

The cuts of meat from a Pig

What a cock up

Creative review just published their annual photography book and somehow made a lof of mistakes. At least they were good enough to apologise for it. “Adam Hinton’s work on page 49 was mis-cropped and should have looked like this On page 44 Alex Telfer’s work was wrongly credited to Peter Turner On page 38 Tim

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New Buell Firebolt

Pick up with scooter