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Just do it

Snickers ad

Alka seltzer T Bone

VW van 60 year posters

Wonderbra swimwear

Ignite from W+K


Flying penguins

  This is a great ad from the BBC, well timed with April Fools day too.

New Levi ads

I like the collection of new Levi ads produced by BBH…

Fed Ex logo

I haven’t seen this before but enjoyed it once it was pointed out to me… Can you see the hidden object? Between the E and the x. See it now? Can u can u It’s an arrow! Genius Thanks to for that

Carlton Draught lager

Their first ad was pretty spectacular so the newest one had a lot to live up to. I’m pleased to say it doesn’t disappoint.

Gorilla on the Moon

Seems like the common feature of the most loved ads out there at the moment is big hairy monkey. Big fan.

Tell the truth

McCann-Ericksons new logo….

Mont Blanc

I’ve always been a fan of mont blanc ¬†products and even more so now that I’ve learned they have banned anyone from selling their brand online as a way of preventing inferior quality fakes being sold.¬†

Wispa. From a time when

This year, the sheer number of people who joined a petition on Facebook successfully persuaded Cadburys to relaunch their Wispa chocolate bar. I’m was pretty happy about this as I’m a big fan of the Wispa and particuarly enjoyed this print ad by Alex Ball at Publicis… (click it for a larger version)