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Word to the wise…

  I didn’t know this but apparently building societys can go bankrupt like any other businesses which is currently happening to the Northern Rock.  Apparently if they do fold, those with more than £50,000 or more in their  account will receive a maximum of £31,700 in compensation! They don’t tell you that when you sign

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A quote from Marlon Brando..

Taken from Great Interviews of the 2oth Century… “Do you know how I make a friend? I go about it very gently. I circle around and around. Then, gradually, I come nearer. Then I reach out and touch them, ah, so gently… Then, I draw back. Wait a while. Make them wonder. At just the

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Guy Richie is in for a treat…

Madonna, 49, was spotted leaving the Claridges hotel with husband Guy Richie in tow. Madonna was carrying a see-through bag with a strap-on sex toy, and although she didn’t seem embarrassed by it, Richie looked a little awkward according to eye-witnesses.

Finding Steve Fawcett

This is a great use of technology to try and find the aviator  Steve Fawcett who went missing in his plane last week. Over 50,000 people have analysed satelittle images to try and find out where he crashed. 10 people study each image and flag anything they think is suspicious. The more people that flag

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It’s no secret…

Everyone in London hates the tube, there’s no suprise there so I’m not going to go off on a rant but I have to say this tube strike is a total joke and it’s unbelievable it can’t be avoided. I’m fortunate enough to not get the tube to work but I can imagine that the

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Recycling in Notting Hill..

I was being rather skeptical the other night about the effort I was putting into recycling the rubbish in my house. My initial thoughts were that there couldn’t be a machine that could filter the paper, plastic, glass and metal when they were all combined in the bags that I had put them in and

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Make em pay

I’m the worlds worst culprit for getting charged by banks for stupid stuff. I heard recently that the law had changed which made it unlawful for banks to charge their ridiculous fees for being overdrawn or issueing rubber cheques which perked my ears up a bit. Anyway I got sent this link which is essentially

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The BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles

I came across this article being talked about in this months campaign magazine. It’s says a lot of smart things in a small amount of words and would be a good manuscript to stick to if you were embarking on a web project.

John McEnroe

I always liked John McEnroe. I read his autobiography a while back and was amazed by firstly how interesting his writing was but also how much he achieved by the time he got to his mid 20’s. I found this article by Clive James yesterday which perfectly sums up his ability as a sportsman and

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