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Google support Earth Hour

  Someone told me a while ago that if Google changed their background to black they’d save a gazzillion watts of energy a day. Apparently that’s not true according to Google but I none the less respect their effort to support Earth Hour by changing their background to black. Nice one.

Fisker Karma

This is the new Fisker Karma hybrid electric car. It hits 60 in  six seconds and I think it looks rather nice. The best thing about it is that the designers have introduced internal and external speakers to create engine noise to compensate for the whir of the electric motor. Apparently there’s a range of 

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The Paper Boat and Plane have arrived!

They’re down in Gabriels wharf now and I’m pretty chuffed with them…

A project I’ve been working on..

I’ve been working on a project for the WWF now for a few months which culminates in a big event down at Gabriels Wharf tomorrow. It’s a noble cause for the World Wildlife Fund aimed at helping with the grand issue of Climate Change. The focus of the whole project is on two giant models

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Sustainable energy – British Gas Zero Carbon

I’m getting quite interested in the whole carbon neutral issue and following on from my G Wiz post I decided to do a bit of investigation into how someone such as myself could switch my energy supplier to a “Green Tariff”. I decided to use British Gas as a test subject as they’re the biggest

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Next generation G Wiz

I’m liking this blog stuff, from doing a bit of investigation into the G Wiz I came across this… It’s the Reva NXG and it’s the G Wiz’s better looking gay brother who has discoverd the joys of the gym. I want one.

Miniature Earth

Interesting model of the earth using a village of 100 people  as a way to visualise how the population is divided up

Recycling in Notting Hill..

I was being rather skeptical the other night about the effort I was putting into recycling the rubbish in my house. My initial thoughts were that there couldn’t be a machine that could filter the paper, plastic, glass and metal when they were all combined in the bags that I had put them in and

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