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This is one of the best designed sites I’ve seen in a long while. Play peoples mixtapes or create your own. Looks like the revenue stream comes from an affiliate deal with Amazon. If it worked in sync with Itunes I’d say it was going to make a tonne of cash.

This site as a graph…

BBC iPlayer on the Ipod Touch

  My mate Kev at work just told me about the BBC reworking their iPlayer to work on a ipod touch and phone. I’ve just tried it and it’s wicked.  The quality is amazing and within a few clicks I was watching Top Gear. Very impressive.


Another great idea along the vinyl LP theme (seems to be a lot at the mo). Get a cover and take a picture of yourself obscuring your face or body part. I wanna try it. More here

Make your own LP cover

I love this idea, create your own unique record label by combining the randomness of Flickr, Wikipedia and quotes…. 1. This wikipedia page to name your band. 2. The last four words of the very last quote from this random page from is the title of your album. 3. The third picture on this page, Flickr’s list of interesting

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Six Word Memoirs

Back in the 20’s Ernst Hemingway bet his friend he couldn’t write a story in 6 words. His reponse was “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This site (and book) is all about the idea. I love it. Thanks to Only Dead Fish for the original post.

Montage a Google

Nice application built by Grant Robinson making montages with Google images.

3D Projected Sat Nav

Now this is a good idea…

Gene Tree

I read about the Gene Tree in the Sunday Times and thought the idea was incredible. You send in a sample of hair or something and, for a small fee, they extract your DNA. They can then use this info to work out exactly where in the world you’ve come from and who you are

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Miniature Earth

Interesting model of the earth using a village of 100 people  as a way to visualise how the population is divided up

Sao Paulo – A city without advertising

This story amazed me. Through the determination of it’s mayor Gilberto Kassab, Sao Paulo has an almost complete ban on outdoor advertising.

Digg design

I use digg every day and think it’s great. Here’s a nice piece from their labs section. Not sure I understand what all the swirly bits are about but i like the design…

Web 2.0

This one is a bit old but it impressed me alot. It’s a great way of explaining what people mean by Web 2.0 and the potential it has…

Did you know…

Thought provoking presentation about where the internet has been and where it is going, even has a soothing soundtrack…