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Kanye West – Monster

Last FM best of 2008

Bon Iver

The 100 greatest classical tracks for a fiver

At first I was unsure why the second most popular album sounded like another one of those classical combinations but then, looking closer, I realised it was a very clever idea someone has come up with. 100 great classical tracks for a fiver Sell them only through itunes so no marketing or distribution costs. Bish

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This is one of the best designed sites I’ve seen in a long while. Play peoples mixtapes or create your own. Looks like the revenue stream comes from an affiliate deal with Amazon. If it worked in sync with Itunes I’d say it was going to make a tonne of cash.

Make your own LP cover

I love this idea, create your own unique record label by combining the randomness of Flickr, Wikipedia and quotes…. 1. This wikipedia page to name your band. 2. The last four words of the very last quote from this random page from is the title of your album. 3. The third picture on this page, Flickr’s list of interesting

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Dirty Vegas Album cover

This is the album cover I’m going to put into my record label art frame which I blogged about a few days about. If anyone has it in their collection and would like to part company with it then let me know.

Arcade Fire Neon Bible

I love this interactive video from the Arcade Fire. First time I’ve seen this kind of idea implemented and I think it has huge potential

Rabbit in your headlights

Incredible video from UNKLE, old but classic..

You shall be missed – Pavarotti live in Paris 1998

Danger Mouse

For those who don’t know Danger Mouse aka Producer Brian Burton here’s an interesting article on him. He came to fame by mixing the Beatles white album with Jay Z’s Black Album to create the Grey Album. If you can get hold of a copy of it, do so, as it’s genius. Here’s the man

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Rap impersonator…

This guy impersonates the whole rap gang one after another live on the radio. It’s awesome

Daft Punks Burning Man

I went to see Daft Punk play about a month ago and was blown away so ever since have been much more of a fan that I was before. I found this video over on Hi-Res blog which captivated me….

Explosions in the Sky

If I was to say I’m a fan of instrumental rock you might think I was a bit of a weirdo but listen to this band and decide for yourself. They’re called Explosions in the Sky, they’re from Texas and they’re music tells a story without any words. I saw them play at Koko and

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New Chemical Brothers video…

Chemical brothers are responsible for one of my favourite music videos which is Star Guitar. That’s below but here’s their new one about rapping, dancing and talking fish. Pretty cool if you like that sort of thing.. The Salmon Dance… Star Guitar….