Category: Technology

Mini Arcade Machines

Wattson energy monitor

3D sound

This audio technology is really impressive. Currently seems to only work using headphones but this could have massive potential for horror films.

Eye Fi

Now this is a smart idea – a wi fi SD Ram card that automatically uploads your photos to flickr and other photo sites. I have to have one.

Google maps/Starbucks finder mashup

Looks like London has got a nasty case of the measles. Sounds about right in this case.

Google maps and travel planner mashup

I like this mashup of Google Maps and London Transport. It doesn’t work that well admittedly as I wanted to see my tube route plotted on the map and couldn’t be bothered to figure it out but I liked the geographical presentation of the tube map in comparison to the one everyone is so familiar

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Finding Steve Fawcett

This is a great use of technology to try and find the aviatorĀ  Steve Fawcett who went missing in his plane last week. Over 50,000 people have analysed satelittle images to try and find out where he crashed. 10 people study each image and flag anything they think is suspicious. The more people that flag

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