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Mini Arcade Machines

Mac set up

Lego Batmobile.

B&W Zeppelin

I want one. Their website is also very good…

Playmobil Security Check Point

With some pretty funny reviews on Amazon of it.

Eye Fi

Now this is a smart idea – a wi fi SD Ram card that automatically uploads your photos to flickr and other photo sites. I have to have one.

Bianchi Pista

I’m after a bianchi pista single speed bicycle cos I think they’re great..

My new Reebok Pumps

I’ve been looking for a pair of decent Reebok Pumps for almost a year now and now I’ve found the perfect pair. Check em out…


I’ve always liked Chesterfields as a classic sofa design and on the way back from the pub last night I found a really beaten up one lying on the street. There’s a wicked uphostlery shop opposite where I work where a guy called Mike works his magic. I’m going to see how much it costs

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Massive arcade machine…

Guy Richie is in for a treat…

Madonna, 49, was spotted leaving the Claridges hotel with husband Guy Richie in tow. Madonna was carrying a see-through bag with a strap-on sex toy, and although she didn’t seem embarrassed by it, Richie looked a little awkward according to eye-witnesses.

Gorillaz Figures…

 Got the set of Gorillaz figures off Magma last week. Now I’ve got my own rock band on my desk…. Had a play around with some Photoshop effects to make the this version of it.

Sweet new pair of headphones

I’ve got a new pair of headphones.  They’re Panasonic RP-HTX7E-C and they cost about £40. I like them for the styling more than anything but the sound quality is impressive too considering the price. They won some award too… Group Test Winner, ” Sound quality is excellent…it’s like Hi-Def for your ears. “, T3, March

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