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Channel4 says sorry

4 on Demand is finally available to use on a Mac without having to go through all the Parallels mallarkey and Channel 4 were big enough to say sorry to all the Mac users who waited for it. Good job Channel 4 peeps.

Amazing stop motion video from Keith Loutit

Yes We Can

This is a great campaign video from Barack Obama made by will-i-am of the Black Eyed Peas. I’d vote for him if I had the choice.

Rabbit in your headlights

Incredible video from UNKLE, old but classic..

Darth Vader as you’ve never seen him

I aint no Star Wars geek but this is absolute genius…

Quentin Tarantino on Top Gun

Panda sneeze

This has been around before but it’s worth sending around again…

Sky/Sao Paulo Ad

Following on from my post about the ban on billboard advertising in Sao Paulo here’s a new ad from Sky which uses the city to demonstrate it’s lack of adverts when you watch movies on sky, even has a charlie and the chocolate factory soundtrack….

Rap impersonator…

This guy impersonates the whole rap gang one after another live on the radio. It’s awesome

Claude Lelouch’s Rendezvous

This is another old but incredible video. It’s an 8 minute clip of the ex-racing driver Claude Lelouch racing around in a Ferrari 328 GT Paris at 4 in the morning with a camera strapped to the bonnet. Watch in awe and wait for the suprise ending. Legend has it he asked the Paris council

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Mother Nature

Lions v buffalo v crocodile

New Chemical Brothers video…

Chemical brothers are responsible for one of my favourite music videos which is Star Guitar. That’s below but here’s their new one about rapping, dancing and talking fish. Pretty cool if you like that sort of thing.. The Salmon Dance… Star Guitar….

Philipino Jail training…

All jails should be like this. Seriously

Incredible ad

I’m not going to spoil this ad for you but needless to say I’m a big fan. It’s well put together, superbly casted, supported by great copywriting and music and it’s impact in enhanced by the unexpected ending. This is the kind of work I strive to produce. Create something of this calibre and I’d

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