Month: February 2008

New BBC home page

What do you think? I’m not impressed. I know the hurdles project managers have to get over to get something finished for the BBC and my fear is these hurdles are preventing the BBC from producing world class digital work.

Battersea Bridge Sunset


Another great idea along the vinyl LP theme (seems to be a lot at the mo). Get a cover and take a picture of yourself obscuring your face or body part. I wanna try it. More here

All the parts of a VW Mk1 Golf

Make your own LP cover

I love this idea, create your own unique record label by combining the randomness of Flickr, Wikipedia and quotes…. 1. This wikipedia page to name your band. 2. The last four words of the very last quote from this random page from is the title of your album. 3. The third picture on this page, Flickr’s list of interesting

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Worlds greatest painter

My mate Benny has just got back into painting. Here’s the first of his masterpieces……  You can see some more shots here…  

Bianchi Pista

How my bianchi pista will soon look (hopefully).       

An amazing fancy dress/skiing outfit

Grooverider in jail for 4 years

Yesterday Radio 1 DJ Grooverider was given 4 years jail time for possession of 2.16 grams of marijuana in his luggage. It’s an absolutely ridiculous sentence and completely against the tourist friendly approach they’re spending so much money trying to achieve.

Me and my girlfriends weekend efforts….

Six Word Memoirs

Back in the 20’s Ernst Hemingway bet his friend he couldn’t write a story in 6 words. His reponse was “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This site (and book) is all about the idea. I love it. Thanks to Only Dead Fish for the original post.

Don’t hang up

“Alan Dein calls a public telephone anywhere in the world, hoping that someone will answer. Alan encounters the lonely, the lost, the brave and the strange.” Listen to it here. 

Londons early morning markets.

  Billingsgate Market Billingsgate is the United Kingdom’s largest inland fish market. An average of 25,000 tonnes of fish and fish products are sold through its merchants each year. Approximately 40% of that tonnage comprises fish imported from abroad. The annual turnover of the Market is estimated to be in the region of £200m Tuesday

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Empire of the sun book cover

Tell the truth

McCann-Ericksons new logo….