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Empire of the sun book cover

The Nutrition Program

My newest project went live today. It’s aim is to teach kids about nutrition in food by allowing them to make up their own recipes and diets from a database of 2,000 ingredients (each with accurate data for 47 nutrients). From the very beginning we wanted to treat kids as technically savvy users and from

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Bamboo Crash Helmet by Roof

My mate Kester at work told me about this, apparently bamboo is stronger than the regular stuff they make helmets out of so the clever people at Roof have gone and made a helmet out of one. £189 which aint too expensive either

The Nutrition Program

Here’s my next project. The idea is to teach kids about nutrition using the web. Should be ready early next yearso watch this space…

Malcolm Ryan

You shall be missed.

Volkswagen Split Screen Pick Up

I’m after one of these. If anyone has one they’d like to sell then I’m your man.

Brick Lane Graffitti

Saw these along Brick Lane yesterday….