Month: August 2008

Golf Cabrio Minus the roof protector

Design 90s

Nice wallpaper web design.


Tonic Crew.

Kanye Wests New York Apartment

Twitter experiment

My new Orange amplifier

Me and Tam in Manga

In the last month

I have Crashed a hire car Crashed my motor bike Had my scooter stolen Got my scooter back Had 2 bicycles stolen Had my keys stolen which I left in the front door Changed the locks of my flat Changed the locks of my car Bust my knee Lost my wallet Lost my phone But

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That’s not a home cinema.

This is a home cinema

Nice roof on a VW Camper

Where is Simon

This app sends a GPS signal from your phone every 5 mins. This is my route to work. Awesome.

Blogging from the iphone

Does it work?

Awesome business cards…